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Tour Manager - a total solution for Bus and Coach Operators

Our new Windows(tm) based software for all Coach and Bus operators.

Tour Manager handles every aspect of coach tour, contract, private hire and stage carriage work.

Unlimited tours can be set up with different durations and costs. Child prices can also be set. The system will prevent overbooking and also keep track of any bookings made by agents and generate invoices to them (if they collect the money) and deduct commissions. Multiple depots can be set up and standard pickup points with times can be set.

The private hire system handles individual bookings and the contract hire deals with repeat or regular bookings. The system has great flexibility and is capable of excluding certain date ranges (e.g. half-term) from the booking and also to specify only certain days of the week. The system will calculate how many days the contract will run and what the total cost is. The invoicing system allows creation of the invoice and also collection and application of deposits.

The sales ledger keeps track of all the business done, the turnover generated, the cash received, the invoices outstanding, the agency payments awaiting receipt, and the commissions due. A wide range of reports provides full management information.

The vehicle log provides information about the vehicle usage, mileage, job types, drivers, while the driver log provides information about the hours driven, days off, jobs done and vehicles used.

The maintenance system allows control of vehicle mileage between safety checks and main services. Vehicles due are highlighted, and the system records the work done and the mileage at which it occurred.

For more information about Tour Manager and to arrange for a demonstration please telephone our sales office or email us.




Latest BookSimply News!

Booksimply powers ahead - look at these new features

Web Bookings - In partnership with Hallisoft BookSimply now includes seamless and automatic integration with online bookings direct from your website. No Agency fees to pay!

Rooms in order of priority - In addition to displaying rooms in room number and room type order a third user defined order can be specified. For example you may like to display certain rooms at the top of the screen so they are booked first. The background color of each room may also be set to additionally highlight particular rooms.

Special Events - Users may specify certain dates which can show up in a different (user defined) color on the booking chart. For example the Easter break could be highlighted. When the user hovers the mouse over the colored dates a popup help box appears showing the reason for the dates being highlighted.

Conferences - conference rooms can be set up and multiple bookings made in each room in 15 minute segments. So a room could be booked from 9.00AM to 12.15 and also booked to another organisation from 2.30 to 4.45PM for example. The groups are checked in and an automatic invoice generated just as with bedrooms.